healthy can be simple and enjoyable

People that know me, know a few things about my lifestyle.  They know that I love to entertain with new recipes, go for an occasional run, and eat a lot of veggie sandwiches.  They also know I don’t only serve healthy dishes, I will never run a marathon, and that I have many vices that I never feel guilty about indulging in.  For me, this is a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t believe it’s necessary to follow a rigorous exercise plan or to give up my vices to be healthy, but I do believe I must do simple things today that will benefit my health and happiness tomorrow.

We live in a reactive culture, especially when it comes to health.  It is easy to take health for granted until it becomes jeopardized, at which time, most people are willing to do and pay anything to get it back.  I personally would rather keep my health to begin with, considering it is much easier and more cost effective to maintain health than to regain it if lost.  I also believe doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or painful.  Rather, I find my healthy lifestyle to be quite simple and enjoyable.

I decided to start this blog to share the tips and ideas that are the groundwork of my approach to living a lifestyle that will benefit my tomorrow.  Through doing so, I hope to encourage you to do simple things today too that will benefit the health and happiness of your tomorrow.

why parsley?

You may still be wondering, why add parsley?  Is it my favorite herb?  No.  Do I eat it by the handful?  No.  Do I add it to everything?  No.  Adding parsley, however, is an example of the simple things I do today, for the benefit of my tomorrow.

Two tablespoons of parsley contain 155.8% of your daily value of vitamin k. Ten tablespoons contain 100% of your daily value of vitamin c.  And that is just a glimpse into the not-only-a-garnish herb’s unique health benefits.

The taste of parsley in most dishes is barely detectable.  The amount of time it takes to add parsley to a dish is minute.  And purchasing a bunch of parsley costs a fraction of what you spent on your last fancy latte.  The question therefore becomes, why not add parsley if doing so will benefit your health (and ultimately, your happiness) tomorrow?

If you are like me in that you do not want to give up your vices, become an exercise guru, or anything related, but still want to have a healthy future, join me in doing simple things today, for a healthier and happier tomorrow.