the best indulgence

The best indulgence when it comes to food is the food that you absolutely love….that also loves you back. The food that is packed with nutrition, will add years to your life, prevent wrinkles, increase your energy, and tastes delicious. I’m convinced that there are certain “super foods” that aren’t widely consumed simply because they are known as a health food, and are therefore eaten with the main purpose of getting some nutrients, rather than for the taste. Take blueberries for example. I’m not saying that blueberries aren’t consumed, just not as widely consumed as some other foods, such as potato chips and candy. What percentage of grocery carts would you expect have a bag of chips or candy compared to fresh blueberries? I would love to pack blueberries in a colored plastic bag and place them in the chip or candy aisle to see what would happen. If people viewed blueberries as an indulgence, would they eat them more? When we are stressed, do we reach for the unhealthy food simply because we deserve it? We know that we’ll feel disgusting after eating nearly an entire bag of potato chips or candy, yet we still do, because we are going to let ourselves indulge. We’ll then feel disgusting as expected and regret the decision, followed by making resolutions to eat healthier tomorrow. This pattern might be understandable if “super foods” were in fact tasteless or disgusting. But they are not. It’s just a matter of viewing and tasting them differently.

There should be no issue of “fitting” our 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables in each day, possibly by disguising them in other dishes or downing them in processed beverages. Instead, we need to be craving, savoring and indulging in foods that taste delicious….and love us back. For me, this includes well constructed veggie sandwiches, the prefect filet of salmon, quality sushi, perfectly ripe avocados, a glass or two of red wine, overly sweet raspberries, raw pecans, tahini hummus, roasted tomatoes, anything with goat cheese or mustard (did you realize these items belong on this list?), rhubarb oatmeal crisp, baked sweet potato fries, jalapenos, dark green leafy salads covered in nuts and fruit, marinated mushrooms and dark dark chocolate. This doesn’t include all healthy foods that I like…these are just the ones that I crave, savor and indulge in. Especially knowing how much they love me back. What foods to you love….that also love you back?