before you take a sip, think about this

by addingparsley

If I asked you to drink a cleaning supply, would you?  What about a rust remover?  An engine cleaner?

What if I told you, you already did?

I’m not trying to disgust you.  Well maybe I am.  Because if you thought about what soda, coke, pop, whatever you prefer to call it, is capable of…maybe you would stop drinking it.  Or at least drink less of it.

According to many sources, soda has been used for many purposes other than a beverage for many years.  Among these purposes are cleaning blood off of accident sites, removing rust (you remember the school project of using coke to dissolve a rusty nail, right?), and cleaning engines.  You are probably getting the gist, but for an even longer list, read 51 Uses for Coca-Cola at WiseBread.

Do you love the stuff so much that you’re going to forget you read this?  The reality is, forgetting about these facts won’t make them any less real.  Nor will it change the fact that soda is also terrible for your health.  If you are interested in thinking about that too, read Soda’s Health Risks: How Bad Is It Really? at The Huffington Post.  If you are like many people though, thinking about the health effects may just increase your sense of guilt about drinking it, rather than get you to stop.

So, the next time you reach for a soda, coke, pop, or whatever you prefer to call it, think about just what that liquid is capable of doing before you take a sip.  Now, are you still going to enjoy it?