everyone needs an allergy

I used to hate cream cheese.  Or at least I thought I did.  I don’t recall whether my dislike for it was based on an actual experience of tasting it or just from deciding I wouldn’t like it based on it’s appearance and smell, which I have done for various foods since I was young.  Either way, my dislike for it was strong enough to withstand working at my neighborhood bagel shop for a couple years during high school.  I somehow didn’t discover that I actually love the high calorie, high fat, creamy, savory spread until after I worked there.

Looking back I am impressed with my timing…and ignorance.  I am also reminded that it is human nature to believe what we want to believe.  I was never tempted to indulge in cream cheese during those years because I truly believed I didn’t like it.  Further supporting this point, to this day, I have never eaten a fresh pickle because I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t like it.  (Until recently, I hadn’t eaten any form of pickle until I tried fried ones while on vacation, which I credit to being pregnant at the time).  People frequently tell me that I would likely love pickles considering my other tastes, yet I still have no desire to find out if they are right.  This is because of how ingrained my “dislike” of pickles is in my mind.

My memory of disliking cream cheese crosses my mind on occasion, usually while I’m enjoying it by the spoonful and for a moment will wish I never discovered that I like it.  Those moments are fleeting though, because it is now one of my favorite indulgences and I wouldn’t want to go back to not liking it.  There are certain foods I wouldn’t mind disliking though.  So when other methods of attempting to cut a food out of my diet fail me, I will at times develop a “dislike” for it.

This week it is cookies.  I don’t love cookies and never have, yet lately I’ve been eating them all the time…because they seem to always be around.  They are a staple in my kitchen due to my husband’s love for them, are served at the training sessions I facilitate at work, sit next to the cash register at the lunch spots I frequent, and of course overflow during the holidays, at parties, etc.  And although I don’t love cookies and never have, I do like them and lack will power when it comes to passing on them.

So for now I will dislike cookies.  It’s not just that I won’t love them, as I love cream cheese, I actually really will not like them.  There may be a day when I will like them again, but for now, I feel the need to cut them out of my diet, so the chewy yet crunchy sweets disgust me.  In fact, I don’t know why anyone likes them.  It must be annoying to feel compelled to eat them.

I strongly recommend this approach.

If you are thinking “There’s no way I’ll ever convince myself that I don’t like fill-in-the-blank“, then perhaps you should take this approach a step further by developing an allergy.  While you may recall that you are not actually allergic to fill-in-the-blank, telling people that you are will encourage you to keep it up.  Because really, who wants to be known as the person who is making up allergies??

So, what are you allergic to?