wasting groceries

by addingparsley

I am really good at wasting groceries. So much so, that I’ve given myself a two recipe maximum. That is, unless I am entertaining, I limit myself to purchasing groceries for two specific recipes per shopping trip in addition to my family’s standard grocery list. I then do my best to use the rest of the ingredients from those recipes in other dishes using staple items I have on hand.  This approach makes me more economical, encourages me to get more nutritional value out of each grocery item, and pushes me to be creative when it comes to thinking of and creating new recipes, all of which will benefit my tomorrow.

Throughout Adding Parsley, you will find examples of recipe combinations I’ve made with the same or similar ingredients, which I hope inspire you to waste less groceries too.  For the greatest benefit, you’ll want to focus on getting the most value out of the nutritious ingredients of course…because really, how beneficial would eating let’s say, cream cheese with dinner each night of one week be compared to eating parsley and pecans with each meal?  To see what I mean, I encourage you to read goat cheese, parsley and pecans (three combinations).